Why your Bounce Rate is High?

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“Bounce rate is high?”

We often hear this question from a lot of small business owners. Are you one of the business owners experiencing high bounce rate? If yes, you are not alone.

Many websites in 2022 have this problem of high bounce rate. It may occur due to many reasons- and in many cases it may not be an alarming factor. However focusing on a low bounce rate will bring your business lots of benefits in terms of traffic and sales.

What is Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate is a statistic that counts the percentage of visitors that arrive on your website and leave without doing anything. As a result, they don’t click on any of the page’s menu items, say, ‘read more’ buttons, or other internal connections. This indicates that the visitor does not send a trigger to the Google Analytics server.

When there is no engagement with the landing page and the visit concludes with a single-page visit, the user bounces. Bounce rate is a measure that may be used to determine the quality of a website and/or the “quality” of your audience. The quality of your audience refers to whether or not they are appropriate for the goal of your website.

Bounce rate is a sign that the user did not find any relevant information on your website. Hence, bounce rate is also said to be connected with search engine rankings of a website.

How is it calculated?

Simply, the total number of one-page visits divided by the total number of website entries yields the bounce rate.

What is a good bounce rate?

A bounce rate of 26 to 40% is considered great as a rule of thumb. The average is between 41 and 55 percent. The percentage ranges from 56 to 70%, which is higher than usual but may not be cause for concern depending on the website. Outside of blogs, news, events, and the like, anything above 70% is unsatisfactory.

10 Reasons Why Your Bounce Rate is High

  1. Slow loading web pages
  2. Misleading title or meta description
  3. Blank page or technical errors
  4. Broken link from a different website
  5. Single page website tend to have higher bounce rates
  6. Cheap quality content
  7. Your website is not mobile friendly
  8. Asking too many details
  9. Too many ads on the page
  10. UX is bad and not visually appealing

Now that we have learnt what are the factors that contribute to high bounce rate; let’s learn how to fix it.

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Why your Bounce Rate is High?

“Bounce rate is high?” We often hear this question from a lot of small business owners. Are you one of the business owners experiencing high

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